Wednesday 5 December 2012


Greetings to my many millions of fans all over the globe. Several years ago I ran a highly successful blog and personal website. It was visited by thousands of fans (and yes even some detractors) on a daily basis. I have decided to start blogging again, as it is palpably absurd that the world has been deprived of my wisdom and humour.

Since I vacated the world of blogging the World Wide Internet has changed greatly. We now have “Facebookmarking” and “The Tweeter”, which allow important and wise men such as myself to communicate with people and places that up until only a few years ago did not have the Internet. These places, such as Texas and Norway, are now part of the 21st century and will now have the opportunity to benefit from my blogging.

It is my wish that my readers leave comments for me, but they may also contact me by Facebookmarking and Tweeting. I will be blogging as I did before on current events, and sharing my views on the hot topics of the day, not to mention revealing intimate details of my immensely interesting life. I will also be reposting some of my classic blogs, which will prove once again to be fan favourites I am sure. When the fancy takes me, I will post audio monologues, giving my fans the chance to hear my enchanting voice once again.

Maxwellian regards,



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